What We Do

We specialise in providing welfare benefit advice to those in the most desperate need.  Our casework tends to be highly complex and time consuming.  

Our Unit has been engrained into the local communities where we have operated since 1988:  knowledge and credibility has been built and our clients have confidence in the skills and experience of our small team of dedicated staff. 

The demand from vulnerable clients in Reading for help in claiming benefits has been increasing owing to the changing and increasing complex benefit processes and regulations that have left many clients with benefit awards being withdrawn. These clients are often the least able in society to navigate the  benefits landscape and they are the most deserving and appropriate recipients of benefit awards. 

Much of our work involves not only helping to submit new benefit claims; we must also guide clients through the daunting appeals processes where previously harsh, adverse judgements have been made against them because their case was not adequately presented or their application had failed on a technicality, or through mal-administration at the hands of the DWP.