Welfare Reform

Our Research into Welfare Reform

At the forefront of the advice sector, we are perfectly placed to understand how the system works, how it affects people, and the issues and problems they encounter. The lessons learned from this, though daunting, are often invaluable as they point towards opportunities for welfare reform.

We recognise the need for the advice sector to make full use of the first-hand data that we collect to help design a better welfare state.

This work absolutely aligns with Reading Welfare Rights’ core mission to support clients to claim all they are entitled to overcome poverty and live independently. In the first 6 months of 2023, our Policy Officer’s “Income Maximisation Campaign” and other activities secured over £145,000 for her clients. The lack of “take-up” of government support was a key learning point from this research and our work continues to better understand and address this.

Income Maximisation Campaign

A previous campaign in 2015 by Turn2Us found that almost 50% of people eligible for welfare benefits, do not claim what they are entitled to. That equates to around £16 million pounds in unclaimed welfare benefits a year.

This report sets out how we worked to increase take-up and maximise income.

PIP Reform

A decade on from the introduction of PIP after the Welfare Reform Act of 2012, we’re looking again at the system. Our clients tell us every day how humiliating, intrusive and traumatic the process applying for PIP is.

After ten years of hardship, isn’t it time the Government started listening?


We are always open to hearing suggestions for new campaigns. If you have any ideas, please feel free to email us: advisor@readingspeacialist.co.uk