Become a Friend

Become a friend of Reading Welfare Rights for as little as £2 a month for a single person or £3 a month for couples. We are also seeking corporate support for £40 a month  ( you are welcome to donate more via our trusted partner “Local Giving”)
Four Good Reasons to be a Friend of Reading Welfare Rights:
1.  Because you Care
As you know, anyone can fall ill or lose their job, causing them to need the safety net of the welfare state. Sometimes people only need this support for a while, to help them back on their feet. However, their health problems are so catastrophic – and they really do need long-term aid in the form of state benefits. You probably already know that the benefits system is horribly unfair and often results in vulnerable people being denied the support they need. Reading Welfare Rights represents these people and fights their case at benefits tribunals in front of a judge. Please help us to continue to do this.
2.  To Challenge the Stigma
As a Friend of our charity, we will inform you of the extent of poverty in this country through quarterly newsletters and that contrary to popular belief and unfair media representations, our clients need and also deserve to be helped.   3.  Help Directly
We encourage our friends to contact us directly to refer anyone they know to our service or to pass our contact details to anyone in need. Your financial support will enable us to support anyone you signpost to us. You will therefore be making a huge difference to help somebody less fortunate than yourself.
4.  Meet Like-Minded People
We will hold events for friends, including talks and social gatherings. Some events will be fundraising events, but all will bring together like-minded people who share the same concerns. We are building a wonderful network of staff, volunteers, trustees, and partners from other charities across Reading: it is a truly exciting time to join our community!
We will only use your personal details in the ways you have consented to. Please see our Privacy Policy for more detail, at